By Jennifer Davis
Aug 14, 2015 @ 10:45 am

Bradley Cooper is cooking up another hit. The trailer for his upcoming film Burnt was released and it looks like a fabulous fall drama complete with an all-star cast. 

Starring Emma Thompson, Sienna Miller, Uma Thurman, and Daniel Brühl (just to name a few!) the film centers on Cooper's character Adam Jones, a bad-boy chef ready to make a comeback in the culinary world after he loses his promising young career to drug abuse.

In the trailer, the Oscar nominee shows off some impressive knife skills in the kitchen as well as a pretty gnarly temper. "I don't want my restaurant to be a place where you come and eat. I want people to sit at that table and be sick with longing," he says in the clip. Watch it above, and catch Burnt in theaters Friday, Oct. 23.