When you're a chart-topping musician like Usher, you can't just let anyone sing "Happy Birthday" to you. This year the R&B crooner's special day coincided with a White House performance, which meant Barack Obama and Michelle Obama could do the honors.

In the above video, Usher stands with the presidential pair in the Blue Room when the singer's mom hands a plate with a cupcake and burning candle to the First Lady. The President then starts singing "Happy Birthday to You" and the First Lady joins in, to the birthday boy's delight. And although Usher has probably had many memorable gifts in the past, he seemed to be quite shocked—and even pointed to the camera guy and asked, "Are you getting this?"

Later on the singer posted the footage on his Facebook page and included in the caption, "So this really happened the other night ... The President and First Lady sang me Happy Birthday at The White House & I got to perform for them. I couldn’t be more grateful for this moment and all of the birthday wishes from everyone. THANK YOU!!!!!"

It really doesn't get any better than that. We'll just have to wait until next year to see if anyone can top that performance.