By Meredith Lepore
Mar 31, 2016 @ 8:00 am

It seems like just yesterday that young Ashton Kutcher and Danny Masterson were goofing around and parting on That '70s Show as Kelso and Hyde. But now both actors are all grown up and have become fathers: Kutcher has 19-month-old daughter, Wyatt Isabelle, with his wife and fellow '70s Show alum Mila Kunis and Masterson and his wife, Bijou Phillips, are parents to little Fianna Francis, 2. And like most parents of young children, their lives have drastically changed since the arrival of the kids and so they decided to sing about it with father-of-two James Corden on The Late Late Show Wednesday.

The host, who loves a good boy band, explained: "Boy bands don't go away, they grow up. They start families and ultimately they become dads. They're not boy bands, they're dad bands." Corden then welcomed the Puff Daddies—himself, Kutcher, and Masterson toting baby dolls and strollers—for a performance of their song "I.M.A. Dad."

Kutcher started off the tune with the lines, "I don't play games except for Peek-a-Boo. When I talk about ma baby girl, I don't mean you." For the chrous, all three broke into song: "I'm a dad! I'm a dad! I don't go to movies. I'm a dad! I'm a dad! I don't know that song."

Corden sang, “I’m never in the club, but I’m up all night long. My kid hates bedtime and wakes up at dawn.” Masterson added, "All I need is you, girl, and a lot more sleep. Just hold my hand when we cross the street.”

Based on this performance, it seems that the world is ready for its first dad boy band.

Click on the video at top to watch Kutcher, Masterson, and Corden perform as the dad band Puff Daddies.