By Joshua Lyon
Jul 14, 2015 @ 7:45 am

Jimmy Fallon is back from a two-week hiatus, most of which he spent in the ICU taking care of his very intense finger injury. We’re thrilled that he’s healing well, but also wondering if being bedridden on painkillers helped him dream up his questionable new game, Drinko.

Paul Rudd helped Fallon introduce the contraption, a talking wall (voiced by sidekick Steve Higgins) that each player stands atop of and drops a small colored disk down. A series of zigzag pathways lead into one of 12 cups, each filled with a different liquid like pickle juice, bacon soda, or Everclear. The opponent has to drink whatever is in the cup. For the final round, they both drop their disks in a race to the bottom, and the loser has to combine the two drinks into one disgusting cocktail.

Rudd dropped his disk first, and Fallon got off easy with peppermint schnapps. The Ant-Man star wasn’t so lucky when it came to his beverage: Fallon's disk landed in the cup of cold gravy, which Rudd had to gulp down. Click the video above to find out who lost and had to drink the grossest combo possible.