Earlier this week we saw a short clip of Anna Kendrick trying to lure away John Krasinski’s wife from the new episode of Lip Sync Battle through the power of song—One Direction's "Steal My Girl"—but you hadn't seen nothing yet.

Krasinski kicked off the full battle with his rendition of N'Sync's "Bye, Bye, Bye"—complete with a headset mic and his classic weird marionette impression—but it wasn't enough to make Kendrick back down. She wowed with her 1D declaration of love to Emily Blunt, about which Krasinski said, “I am not going to lie, it sort of hurts my heart.” Watch their battle here:

But those were just the opening acts: For the second round, Krasinski chose "Proud Mary." He began it quietly in a nice suit, but when that classic, fast-paced chorus kicked in he tore it away to reveal a silver, sparkly Tina Turner-esque dress (no heels, unfortunately).

So what was Kendrick to do? Lip-sync to Jennifer Lopez's "Booty," complete with choreography, wind machines, backup dancers, the real J.Lo for the finale. Though after the stunning performance, Kendrick wondered, "Why I decided to sing a song about booty on the same stage as J.Lo's booty I'll never know!" A stunned Krasinski could only make out a “Wait! What is happening?”

It was a pretty tough competition, but host LL Cool J declared Kendrick the winner—though she should probably split the title with Lopez!

Watch the lip-sync battle between Krasinski's "Proud Mary" and Kendrick's "Booty" by clicking on the image at top.