By Joshua Lyon
May 13, 2015 @ 8:15 am

As if we needed another reason to prove that Anna Kendrick is the coolest, she became the first woman ever to take on The Tonight Show’s Egg Russian Roulette challenge. “It’s because I’ve got … eggs,” she told host Jimmy Fallon. (It took him a while to get the joke.)

The rules—as explained by announcer Steve Higgins doing his best Bond villain impersonation—are simple. Out of one dozen eggs, eight are hardboiled and four are raw. The first person to crack two raw eggs over their head loses.

Fallon was the first to get slimed, and the Pitch Perfect 2 actress made it through two rounds before finally selecting a raw egg. But she simply shrugged the mess off. “Egg is a natural conditioner,” she said as she worked the yolk into her hair (a slick move that was a far cry from the head protection Bradley Cooper required when he played last year).

Click the video above to find out who won this gross game of chance