By Joshua Lyon
Sep 11, 2015 @ 11:00 am

In honor of Thursday night's NFL season opener on NBC, Andy Samberg and Jimmy Fallon debuted a new Tonight Show game called Facekickers. Thin panes of glass with images of each of their faces printed on them were set up on a board, and each took turns kicking a football at them, trying to smash as many of their opponent's faces as possible. (It was easy to imagine an old man in the background, shaking his fist and yelling, "You darn kids!")

Samberg went first, and landed a direct hit on Fallon's face, but nothing happened. "They're Nerf!" he cried out in protest. It took four more kicks between the two of them before Samberg finally nailed one, and began a streak where they each managed to smash a window, but ones with their own faces instead of each other's. Samberg suddenly picked a ball up and tossed it using his hands, prompting Fallon to freak out.

"Stop it," he yelled, pretending that he pulled his hamstring and needed to call in a back-up, who turned out to be Carrie Underwood! It was a fun move for the show, but a terrible one if Fallon was set on winning the game. Click the video above to watch the singer's adorably terrible technique.