By Joshua Lyon
Jul 16, 2015 @ 7:45 am

Amy Schumer isn't just one of the coolest, funniest, hero-feminist comedians working in television today—she's also a talented thespian, as she proved Wednesday on The Tonight Show. Jimmy Fallon and the Trainwreck actress conducted one of his "Emotional Interviews," wherein they have a normal conversation but are given a series of different emotions or situations that they must then incorporate into their discussion.

Schumer nailed "condescending" after Fallon started out by asking her what it was like having her first starring role in a movie. "You wouldn't really understand," she said. "But just having everyone on set, like, respect you ... how can I explain this in a way that you'll get it?"

Fallon fired back by describing her movie with reference to French film director François​ Truffaut, but then reversed course. "I'm trying to think of someone you might know," he mused. "Someone from Pixar or something." Their ensuing exchange veered all over the place, with both of them becoming everything from "a little too tipsy" to "horny and scared." Click the video above to watch Schumer's convincing portrayal of someone who doesn't know the difference between "pilots" and "pirates."