Amy Schumer has done it again. Always one to challenge the status quo in her comedy, the comedian is this time taking on the whole fairytale princess concept and, well, the results are both eye-opening and hilarious.

The trailer skit, from her Comedy Central show Inside Amy Schumer, opens with her as a "regular, ordinary girl" in a village until Tim Gunn, as royal attaché Willenby, enters the picture and tells her she is not a "disgusting, filthy, commoner," but is actually a princess! Sounds great, right? The thrilled Schumer gets a royal makeover and breaks into song as little cartoon birds come to help her get dressed.

However, things start to go awry when she meets her prince (who is actually Schumer in a beard) and he turns out to be her first cousin. Things only get worse for the newly crowned princess from there. We can always count on Schumer to give us a slightly different take on things!

Watch the sketch by clicking on the video at top, and see a cute photo Schumer shares from the set here:

#InsideAmy starts now

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