By Joshua Lyon
Jul 15, 2015 @ 8:30 am

The Tonight Show game True Confessions never fails to deliver weird, untold celebrity stories, and Tuesday night's edition with Tina Fey and Amy Poehler was no exception. The Sisters co-stars sat down with their fellow SNL Weekend Update host alum Jimmy Fallon at the interrogation table, and each player opened one of two envelopes in front of them and read the admission inside—either an actual experience or a lie. The other two players had to figure out the truth.

Fey went first with the admission, “I was once mistaken for a prostitute in Monaco.” During the line of questioning she revealed that the year was 1992, she was on a European vacation with her cousin, and she was wearing a brown and white polka-dot jumpsuit that she had bought at Express.

“I can see you going to Express and getting a jumpsuit,” Fallon said as he and Poehler deliberated. “I don’t see you going to Monaco and getting mistaken as a prostitute." Wrong! Fey was telling the truth. "And that's where Tina met her husband," Poehler quipped.

Fallon’s confession was rather grim: “In college, my friend and I were robbed by a drug dealer with a sawed-off shotgun.” Frighteningly that one turned out to be true as well, but the game ended on a much lighter note: Click the video above to find out if Amy Poehler did or did not once help Yoko Ono cross the street!