Celebrities are really just like us. Some of them—definitely not all—but some even have dorky dance moves. And though James Corden insisted Amanda Peet looks like she had moves and the legs of a dancer, she said it was quite the opposite on his show on Monday. "I can assure you I do not have the legs of a dancer. That's one thing," she insisted. When Corden asked her how she did dance, she answered, "Like an old mom." "You do mom dancing! I love mom dancing!" said Corden as Peet, a mother of two young girls and a boy, burst out laughing.

Corden then demonstrated how his parents dance before begging her to show off her mom dance moves, but Peet insisted she needed to explain the dance before performing it. "It's something Sarah Paulson and I made up. It's you at your daughter's Sweet 16 thinking you have moves. And you're also, kind of like your movie [referring to fellow guest Max Greenfield's new film Hello, My Name is Doris] a has-been and there are a lot of cute young boys around. You think you look really great," she said. "What does that look like?" asked Greenfield. Let's just say there is some shuffling and pony tail twirling involved.

Check out the video above to see just what Peet's mom dancing moves are.