By Meredith Lepore
Mar 24, 2016 @ 9:00 am

Kristen Bell seems like a pretty unique name, but it turns out there are many Kristen Bells out there in the world. On Wednesday night, Jimmy Kimmel managed to find 10 of them, including the actress Kristen Bell who was his guest on the show.

Bell said she had never actually met another Kristen Bell, but realized that they must exist as when she recently joined Instagram, the name was already taken. And it seems it has been taken many times, as the nine other Bells were put up on Kimmel's Wall of America. "If your name is Kristen Bell raise your hand," said Kimmel. "What a bunch of babes!" said the Frozen star.

First they talked to Kristen Bell of Cincinnatti, Ohio, who said there were a lot of perks to being named the same as a famous actress. She talked about how she recently registered for a class online and then when she showed up, the man was disappointed as he was hoping the real Bell would show up. "I said, 'I'm the Kristen Bell,'" she explained. "That sounds like you are spreading disappointment wherever you go," said Kimmel.

Then they spoke to Kristen Bell of Austin, Texas, who even shares the same middle name (Anne) as the actress, too. Kimmel asked Bell of Austin if this has ever caused her any problems. "Lots of disappointment, but I've been trying to get your social security for a really long time," she said perkily. "You've ruined all these people lives!" Kimmel joked to the star.

Well, it looks like all of the Bells are doing all right, even though many of them leave people feeling pretty disappointed. Luckily, the actress Bell doesn't have that issue.

Watch Kristen Bell meet her fellow Kristen Bells in the video above.