Aaron Paul and his wife Lauren Parsekian always look so in love when out together, but they recently found it difficult to enjoy each other's company during a visit to an amusement park.

Following a segment on roller coasters during Monday's Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Paul described how he and his wife have a soft spot for rides because they shared a big moment in their relationship on one. "We had our first kiss on a Ferris wheel at Coachella," he actor told host Jimmy Kimmel. "We love carnival rides." However, during a more recent visit to to an amusement part, the Triple 9 star and Parsekian tried out The Zipper. And it may have changed Paul's mind about rides being romantic.

"It feels like you're getting in a car wreck," he explained. "When I was a kid I thought it was great, and Lauren and I were like, 'Let's do this!' And we went on it. And the moment they buckle you in with that janky metal belt, all of a sudden it just starts violently throwing you around."

"I mean, we were drinking a bit that day, but honestly I thought I was going to vomit on my wife," he said. Luckily he did not, but it sounds like he learned the hard way that not all rides are as romantic as the Ferris wheel.

Watch Paul discuss his wife and carnival rides in the video above.