By Meredith Lepore
Mar 11, 2016 @ 1:15 pm

Most people love weddings, but Viola Davis really loves them. In fact, the actress just married her husband, Julius Tennon, for the third time!

"It's not one of those things where you guys split up and got back together. You just had three weddings," Jimmy Kimmel said on his talk show Thursday. "I like weddings," the actress said with a shrug.

She explained that their first one was very small and held in a condo. "It wasn't big enough," she said, and so they had a bigger wedding three months later in Rhode Island. However, Davis was not happy with the candid pictures everyone told her would be so great. "I wanted to have another ceremony that was pretty where I got to have the fabulous dress with the fabulous food," she said.

For the third wedding, more than 150 people came, including Oprah. "Were you nervous that she would have a good time? Did you have somebody assigned to her to make sure that she enjoyed herself?" asked Kimmel. "She was very, very chill. She looked cute," Davis said. She noted that there was one person who wasn't impressed by the great Oprah: Her 5-year-old daughter, Genesis, who was photographed looking a little bored while next to the former talk show host.

Davis revealed that while Oprah did not give her wedding gift (she had asked her not to), the OWN honcho did extend an open invitation to Davis to visit her home. Little did she know Davis planned to take full advantage. "I said 'Now, Oprah: Julius and I will be at your doorstep with Genesis and until you tell us to leave we are going to be at your house,'" Davis said. That's exactly what we would do too!

Watch Davis describe her third wedding in the video above.