By Alexis Bennett
Aug 13, 2015 @ 11:15 am

In a world that revolves around social media, capturing the perfect selfie is an art form. The type of camera you use is only a small part of snapping your best side. The lighting has to be just right and the angle of the lense and how you tilt your head are just as important. We've already learned tips for striking the perfect selfie pose from the Victoria's Secret Angels. Now it's time to master the art of editing photos before you tap that share button. And who better to break down the process than the queen of uploading?

Marianna Hewitt is a popular lifestyle blogger who frequently shares what's going on in her life via selfies (on her site and to her 425,000 Instaram followers), so she's got the practice mastered. In an informative video, Hewitt highlights all the easy tips to instantly enhance photos. Now if only we could think of the perfect caption.

Watch and learn from Hewitt in the video at top!