By Joshua Lyon
Sep 01, 2015 @ 9:30 am

Victoria Justice cut her Hawaii vacation short to appear on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon Monday, but while the actress was away she coined a new word when she posted a photo of herself on Instagram while snorkeling: “Snelfie.”

“It's snorkel and selfie," she told the host. "And Urban Dictionary, you’re welcome.”

Fallon was so impressed that he created a whole new game out of the idea. “I went to Urban Dictionary and our producers got three random words,’ he told the Victorious actress. “We’ll try to guess what the definition of the word is.”

“Margrain" was the first. “From eating too much margarine, you have a migraine,” Justice guessed.

Fallon disagreed. “You know how when people use margarine or butter, and then they butter their toast and then they go back and it has toast crumbs in there?” he asked. “Maybe they’re called 'margraines.'” They were both wrong. The correct answer was brain freeze caused by rapidly slurping down a frozen margarita!

The next word was “braux pas,” and Justice figured it had something to do with being a bro, but doing something that’s not cool with the bros. Fallon agreed with the general concept, but said, “I don’t know if bros would say, ‘that’s a braux pas,’ so it’s got to be something else. Maybe when two bros make a mistake and a third outside party calls it a ‘braux pas,’ like a French exchange student.”

They were both on the right track. The correct answer was “[An] awkward moment between two male friends when the parting gesture – handshake, fist bump or bro hug—gets fumbled.” Click the video above to find out what they thought “smellfie” might mean!