By Meredith Lepore
Jan 21, 2016 @ 9:15 am

Although Vanessa Hudgens dreamed of playing Sandy in Grease as a little girl, the actress is pretty stoked to portray rebellious Rizzo on Fox's Grease: Live later this month. The actress told Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Wednesday that, as an adult, she welcomed the character. "She's such an amazing part. Now that I'm older I'm like, 'She's tough. She's got grit.'"

After congratulating her on the recent 10th anniversary of High School Musical, host Jimmy Kimmel pointed out that Hudgens always seems to be in school despite never having attended a regular secondary school. "Yeah, I never graduate," she joked. "Do you know how to read?" Kimmel asked. "I do. And spell!" she said.

As for whether she is nervous about the very live element of the show, which will also be filmed in front of a studio audience, Hudgens said she wasn't until today when she fell off a bench during "Look at Me, I'm Sandra Dee."

"People want you to mess up and you're like dying!" she said. But Hudgens said her recent run in Gigi on Broadway helped prepare her for live theater. If she falls, we are sure it will still be great!

Watch Hudgens discuss the upcoming Grease: Live in the video at top.

Grease: Live airs on Jan. 31 at 7 p.m. ET on Fox.