By Jennifer Davis
Dec 01, 2015 @ 1:15 pm

What happens when Barry Manilow teams up with Scarlett Johansson? Music magic, of course. The unlikely duo joined forces at the request of Jimmy Kimmel to create a catchy jingle to support (RED) and Vice Media's shopathon campaign, which launches on the host's late night show this evening. 

"We're doing this big charity thing called (RED). It's a great charity. They're launching a huge holiday shopathon and all the proceeds go toward eradicating AIDS," Kimmel tells the legendary singer over the phone at the beginning of the video. Manilow agrees of course, but he needs a muse that's glamorous. Unfortuantley niether Kimmel nor his sidekick Guillermo fit the bill, so the late night host suggests recruiting Johansson and the rest is music history. 

Manilow begins to write the song while Johansson sings his lyrics, which he sometimes changes midsong (it's got to be just right, after all). The enjoyably campy jingle continues on with the actress smiling big as she sings solo and with Manilow. Watch the video above, but be warned: the catchy tune may get stuck in your head.