Ever since Kim Kardashian West tried out the Vampire Facial and shared it with the world, it has become one of the hottest medical facials out there. But what exactly is it, and does it really work? We put it to the test. In the clip above, Dr. Erica Walters of Park Avenue Skin Solutions performs the Vampire Facial (also known as microneedling) on me.

After applying numbing cream to my face, she began with the extraction of my own blood, which was then spun inside a machine that extracts PRP, Platelet-rich plasma, out of my blood. She then applied to my face during the treatment. “PRP injections remove fine lines around the mouth and help eliminate any lines or bags around the eyes. It also helps to reduce hyperpigmentation and any acne scarring,” said Dr. Walters. Once the PRP is spun from my blood, she started making tiny injections with a needle around any “problem areas.” As you will see, I had more than a few….

Next up, the microneedling tool. “The microneedling tool causes physical injury to the skin inducing an inflammatory reaction, which then induces healing that creates more collagen making the skin look younger and more supple,” she said. Sold. So she moved the tool (which feels like sandpaper) around my skin in a circular pattern.

When it was all said and done (start to finish took about 2 hours, with one hour of numbing time), Walters applied hyaluronic acid to my skin to help calm it down, then applied a sheet mask which helped reduce some of the redness and swelling. Because I’m in the beauty industry, I went right back to the office afterward without hesitation, much to the horror of my co-workers (“What happened to your FACE, said more than a few staffers). So warning, you WILL be red and look slightly horrific for a few days, so plan accordingly. I ended up canceling a date that night, I was not my most attractive self post-vampire (it has the name vampire it in for a reason).

However, beauty is pain, no? Because after a couple of weeks, my skin has never been more glowy. Will I go again? Absolutely. Check out the clip above to watch the full procedure.

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