"My world is fire and blood" are the opening words said by Tom Hardy in the new teaser trailer for Mad Max: Fury Road—and that's about as calm as it gets.

For the next two minutes the adrenaline-filled trailer keeps you on the edge of your seat with non-stop action: trucks blow up, masked guitar-wielding madman throw fire balls, and both Hardy and Charlize Theron—who sports a shaved head—kick butt as they travel through a never-ending orange desert while fending off danger at every turn. By the end, you're left desperately wanting more (and maybe a glass of water).

Hardy plays Max, who is on the run from a violent tribe and finds himself in more trouble when he gets involved with Imperator Furiosa (Theron) who has rescued a group of sex slaves from the clutches of a warlord. The Mad Max reboot (Mel Gibson starred in the original 1979 version) also features an almost unrecognizable Nicholas Hoult with a shaved head and in white makeup. Similar to the other characters in this post-apocalyptic world, his character, Nux, seems to be a little off as well.

Mad Max: Fury Road hits theaters on May 15. Click on the image above to watch the trailer.