By Meredith Lepore
Mar 24, 2016 @ 10:00 am

We already knew Allison Williams's September wedding in Wyoming to Ricky Van Veen was an absolute fairytale with the gorgeous setting and her exquisite Oscar de la Renta dress, designed by Peter Copping. But on Wednesday night, she talked about the magical detail on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon that Tom Hanks—yes that Tom Hanks—was her wedding officiant. "Is it true Tom Hanks was the guy who married you?" asked the host. "Yes, that was his official title: Guy who married us. His most esteemed title yet, may I add. Screw the Oscars," she said.

So how did this happen? Originally, Williams and Van Veen were trying to figure out how to ask Rita Wilson, a family friend who also plays Williams's mother on Girls, to sing at her wedding, but they also mentioned they didn't have an officiant yet. "We just wanted someone with charisma, who's good at reading a crowd, who has like gravitas," said Williams. As she described this person they were hoping for, Fallon began to clear his throat and look around. "I guess my email was deleted from your account," he said. "It was Emmy weekend. I feel like you were pretty busy that weekend," she said. "No, we didn't get nominated this year," he said. Oh man, two burns in a row. "I'm losing all my roles to Tom Hanks!" said Fallon.

But Wilson revealed that Hanks had his officiant license. "But is he good at that?" Williams jokingly asked Wilson. Eventually, Hanks did manage to get the gig and surpassed all of the couple's expectations. "He should marry everyone. He is the most ideal officiant of all time. As good as we thought he was gonna be, he was just so great. He was so excellent." she said.

Williams also revealed that she cried from the beginning of the day to the very end. Her best bride trick? Get a dress with pockets. "My version of a James Bond moment was like ugly crying and then just whoop [whipping the tissue out.] Thanks Q, I've got my very high-tech tissue," she said.

Watch Williams talk about her wedding day in the video above.