There’s nothing like watching a buff dude jumping onto a moving airplane to make you feel your age, especially if that guy is older than you. Case in point: Tom Cruise appeared on The Daily Show Tuesday to discuss Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation, and Jon Stewart was in awe of the actor’s prowess.

“You’re shirtless in some of this,” the host noted. “And you and I are about the same age.”

“I’m 53,” Cruise replied.

“You’re older than me. And I don’t take off my shirt—even to shower," the 52-year-old Stewart joked. The host then asked for advice on how long a man at his age would need to spend at the gym to look as fit as Cruise.

The actor revealed that he spent months training for the film's different sequences. “You’ve got to look at your diet, that would be a good start,” he said. “Go for a walk.”

But it turns out that Stewart does have a personal trainer of sorts. “You ever heard of Couch to 5K?” he asked. “It’s an app, you get it on your phone and a lady tells you when to run and when to walk … I’m only at the point now where she doesn’t make me do it for more than 20 seconds at a time. And actually I think I heard her sigh the other day.” Click the video above to hear Stewart pitch ideas to Cruise for Mission: Impossible part six.