By Joshua Lyon
May 08, 2015 @ 9:30 am

Some people love an excuse to get fancy, but Tina Fey isn't one of them. The actress made her 20th appearance on Late Show last night (“I live nearby and people cancel a lot,” she joked) and looked stunning in a blue dress, but told David Letterman that she’s done with lavish outfits.

“I dress up like this out of respect for you,” she said. “It’s very hard work. I don’t know if you’re aware of the contraptions under here…it’s almost medical.”

Credit: Courtesy 'Late Show'

Fey said that wearing a dress on The Tonight Show for her fellow SNL alum Jimmy Fallon would be “creepy,” because he’s "like a brother," and that there was no way she’d be wearing special underwear for the Late Late Show’s James Corden. “Because this is my last time wearing a fancy dress on a talk show and conforming to gender norms … my gift to you is I want to give you the dress. You can keep it.”

Fey then stripped the garment off to reveal black and beige Spanx with the words “Bye Dave!” printed on the front and #LastDressEver on the rear. Cick the video above and get a head start on next year's Halloween costume.