Last night on The Royals, Liam and Eleanor struggled to accept the big reveal that we all saw coming: they aren't King Simon's biological children, after all. So, while they still keep their titles (as long as their mother, Helena, remains queen, that is), the twins no longer have any claim to the throne. Of course, learning that they aren't full-blooded royals takes its toll on the twins—and they each handle the news in their own way. 

In a total role reversal, a sulky Liam gets wasted in a bar as Eleanor keeps vigil at the king's bedside. After her scheming mother and uncle arrange for her to be locked out of King Simon's hospital room, Eleanor confronts her mother about the death of Robert, her beloved older brother. In an emotionally charged scene, Helena reveals for the first time that Robert took his own life—but Eleanor knows better than to believe her lying mother. And so she begins to question what really happened to the firstborn heir to the throne. 

Because it's too dangerous for the princess to go snooping around on her own, she bails her former bodyguard-with-benefits Jasper out of jail, enlisting him to help her uncover the truth—and stay alive. See the pair's reunion in InStyle's sneak peek clip from next week's season finale, above. 

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