Princess Eleanor has a new bodyguard—and we don’t think she’ll be fighting her mom for this one’s affection anytime soon. In this exclusive sneak peek at Sunday’s all-new episode of The Royals, Eleanor (Alexandra Park) comes face-to-face with her new security detail for the first time. It’s clear from the moment we meet Agent James Hill (Rocky Marshall) that he’s more experienced than Eleanor’s last bodyguard-turned-boyfriend, Jasper (Tom Austen)—and that might be a good thing in more ways than just keeping the princess safe.

That’s because even though the princess notes that Agent Hill is “a bit of a silvery fox,” he comes across as too straightlaced for Eleanor’s liking. But he just might prove to be more interesting than he lets on. After Eleanor lays down her top two rules—don’t call her “ma’am,” and above all else, be discreet—Agent Hill remarks that her drug use and excessive partying are “common,” whereas the princess “strikes him as anything but common.” A loaded comment like that is certainly one way to get Eleanor’s attention—and ours. 

Check out the clip above, and tune in to E! on Sunday, Nov. 22, at 10 p.m. ET to see what happens next on The Royals