By Grace Gavilanes
Updated: May 23, 2016 @ 7:04 am

For this year's Calvin Klein "Perfectly Fit" campaign, the fashion brand recruited model Myla Delbasio to appear in its ads. Pretty  standard, right? Not quite--Dalbesio made history by becoming the first plus-sized model to front a Calvin Klein ad campaign--but does the 27-year-old really consider herself plus-sized?

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"I've never been plus-sized," shares Dalbesio, who says she has been both a size 8 and size 12, in her latest interview for The Climb. "The only girls that would accept girls of my size were plus-size boards, and that is kind of how women my size ended up becoming part of that category."

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Despite being referred to as a plus-sized model, the Minnesota native is hopeful that her unprecedented Calvin Klein campaign will open doors to more aspiring models, regardless of their size. "I like to think that this whole controversy is starting a greater conversation towards more inclusivity with fashion," she says. "I really like to believe that this means more girls my size have a chance at breaking in."

For more of Myla Dalbesio's inspiring story, plus she talks about the importance of authenticity, and inspiring girls to be self-confident, watch the video above.

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