By Jennifer Davis
Sep 25, 2015 @ 11:00 am

When June Ambrose says she's the CEO of her own life, she means it. The super stylist, who has a client list that includes Jay Z, Missy Elliott, and Diddy, as well as her own clothing line with HSN, has built a career on good instincts and a strong belief in herself.

"When I first started off working in corporate America I realized that in order for me to really climb the corporate ladder I had to create my own corporation," she says in an interview with PowerWomenTV. "I’m a rebel, you know. I believe in breaking all the rules, but I think once you set your rules you can live life out loud, and that’s how I like to live." For Ambrose, setting the rules included taking daring risks, having a vision, and creating opportunities for herself. "We are the CEOs of our lives, meaning that we run this." Preach. Watch the video above for more inspiration on how to be your own boss.