It's true what they say: the sweetest revenge one can have post-breakup is success---and blogger Arielle Nachmani, the sartorial mastermind behind the successful blog SomethingNavy, is living proof of it.

In the second installment of The Climb, a new video series that highlights industry professionals and their rise to the top, Nachmani reveals how dating a career-driven man inspired her to start her blog. "I pretty much started it for him, so I could tell him that I was doing something. And then when he broke up with him, it became a revenge," she shares in the video above. "I wanted to look really good on the internet, and for him to see me."

But it soon turned into something valuable for Nachmani. "It sort of just evolved, and I became obsessed with doing it. It wasn't really about him anymore," she says. "It became about me loving what I was doing." For the full interview with Nachmani, watch the video above. Plus, see what she has to say about her climb to success and her how-to on building a successful brand.