By InStyle Staff
Sep 11, 2015 @ 3:30 pm

Starting a business is, without exception, a risky and difficult career decision, but according to Camila Alves, who launched the handbag company Muxo with her mom, achieving success is possible if you're persistent. In the video above, the model-turned-designer elaborates on the traits she believes entrepreneurs need to be successful.

"You have to be very persistent. You can’t be afraid of 'no'—you’re going to hear a lot of it," Alves says about beginning her company. Keeping a positive attitude is important, but so is understanding the ins and outs of your product. "You need to be able to know your product from beginning to end again on a 360 level. If you’re not that kind of person but you have a great idea or a great product you need to surround yourself with those kinds of people." Watch the full interview above.