By InStyle Staff
Dec 24, 2014 @ 3:55 pm

Talk about #flawless! Each year during the Radio City Christmas Spectacular, we notice that the Rockettes' beauty game is on point. To find out exactly how they create their perfect looks, we headed over to Radio City Music Hall where two Rockettes, Tara Dunleavy and Allyson Kelly, took InStyle backstage to their dressing room. We learned that there are three beauty rules that Rockettes must follow:

1. Wear a French Twist

The Rockettes have mastered the art of a perfect French Twist (see above video), each can complete this pretty updo in about 90 seconds or less! “The longer your hair, the bigger your twist will be,” says Allyson, an nine-year veteran Rockette. She starts with the low ponytail and continues to “tuck and tuck and tuck” to fold it in, smoothing the sides along the way. After sticking a pin in it, she sprays Herbal Essences hairspray to lock the updo into place.

2. Wear False Lashes

Because false lashes are so specific to personal tastes, each Rockette is responsible for supplying her own. When dealing with false lashes that are all connected, nine-year veteran Tara suggests trimming them to fit your eyes. “I always have a scissors with me backstage,” she says. Once they're the right length, a dancer applies glue and puts her lashes right above the lash line, then pats them to make sure the glue is dry and remove any excess.

3. Wear Red Lipstick

To get that killer red lip, MAC Cosmetics supplies the Rockettes with their two pro-hues: MAC Russian Red lipstick ($16; and MAC Brick lip liner ($16; “Over the years, we’ve tried to figure out what looks best on camera,” explains Tara, “as you don’t want it to have an orange or pink look.” Her tip: “Go for a little deeper red, because it looks better in pictures.”