By Olivia Bahou
Apr 28, 2016 @ 11:00 am

What do Julia Roberts and Ellen DeGeneres have in common? “We’re both now members of Taylor Swift’s squad,” the talk show host declared on today’s show. Both the Pretty Woman star and the comedienne were invited to dance with Swift on her star-studded 1989 World Tour, but they took very different approaches to their onstage looks.

DeGeneres played a clip of Roberts boogying with Swift and Joan Baez in a ponytail and a concert tee. “Oh my god. I’ve never seen this. I don’t think that should actually be viewed. That’s so shocking,” Roberts exclaimed.

“You really dressed up for that appearance, didn’t you?” DeGeneres joked, before playing footage of her own time on Swift’s stage in a matching sparkly bodysuit.

“I will say this about my outfit is that I had about five minutes' notice that I was going on stage. I didn’t dress for 50,000 people,” Roberts revealed, saying that she was initially weary about going on stage. “My oldest son said, ‘Mom, you have to do it.’ And my youngest son said, ‘Mommy, only do it if you feel comfortable.’”

Roberts’s 8- and 11-year-old boys had different opinions on their mom’s onstage appearance, but they both loved their first concert. “She is just number one in our house,” the Mother’s Day star said of Swift.

Watch the full clip above to see the stars’ hilarious Taylor Swift concert appearances, plus how Roberts really feels about Money Monster co-star George Clooney.