Taylor Swift is showing us her wild side! The singer dropped the music video for her newest single, "Blank Space," today, and in it she fully embraces the crazy ex-girlfriend reputation she's amassed over the years. The Joseph Kahn-directed video begins with Swift and her new beau, dreamy model Sean O'Pry, doing what typical young people in love do—riding bicycles around the living room, painting portraits of each other, riding horses, walking dogs in full black tie evening attire, and carving their names into trees.

One of our favorite parts? The cameo by her cat, Olivia Benson! However, everything turns south when Taylor sees her boyfriend texting another girl. Watch the video above to see how the love story plays out, but be warned—it involves knives, axes, and even a poisoned apple. And somehow she manages to maintain that perfect red lip the whole time. Now that's talent.