Still sad about last night being Tina Fey and Amy Poehler's last time hosting The Golden Globes? So are we. But luckily the new teaser trailer for the film Sisters was released yesterday (while the ladies were hosting the show) and it looks like we will soon have plenty of Tina and Amy time again.

Directed by Jason Moore (who helmed Pitch Perfect), Sisters centers on two estranged sisters who decide to throw one last party before their parents sell off their childhood home. From the teaser we can see that limo riding, dancing, outlandish hairstyles, and more dancing, are all part of sisterhood bonding film.

Poehler and Fey have collaborated successfully numerous times from their days in improv in Chicago and starring on Saturday Night Live together, to working on Mean Girls and Baby Mama, and, of course, their three-year tenure as dual hosts of the Golden Globes. We're anticipating another hit! The comedy is slated to hit theaters on Christmas Day 2015.

In the meantime you can watch Poehler in the final season of Parks and Recreation, which kicks off Jan. 13 and Fey in her new original Netflix series, The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, which debuts this March.