By Joshua Lyon
Sep 09, 2015 @ 8:30 am

Stephen Colbert finally took over The Late Show last night, and after paying tribute to David Letterman, he introduced his very first guest—George Clooney. "It’s such an honor to have you here because you don’t have anything to push," the new host said. Clooney suggested that it’s easier to appear on talk shows when one does, so that there is actually something to talk about. "Obviously, we would always have something to talk about, because we’re famous," Colbert replied. 

After 15 seconds of uncomfortable silence, Colbert comes up with a plan: "We could pretend that you have a movie right now if you want," he finally said. "Let’s say it’s some sort of action thriller something like that. Call it, uh, Decision Strike. You play a tough, no-nonsense secretary general of the U.N."

Clooney was into it. "The whole world is on the brink of destruction, and my character is the only one that could stop it!" Conveniently, Colbert had a clip. A hastily printed sign that read "Secretary General: Clooney" was taped to the green room door, and when a hand knocked on it, Clooney stuck his head out and barked "Not now, damn it, I’m diffusing a nuclear bomb!"

Colbert remarked that it was pretty powerful stuff for a nonexistent movie. "Thank you," Clooney demurred. "It mostly was the direction though."  When asked who directed the film, he named himself. "And I wrote it," he added.

But Decision Strike isn't all action—there's romance, too. In another clip, the same hand knocks on the door and Clooney chastises the person for not noticing the white sock hung on the doorknob. "Not now, I’m making love to a woman! It's very romantic!" he yelled. Click the video above to watch Decision Strike’s final climactic scene.