By Meredith Lepore
Jan 15, 2016 @ 10:30 am

Even though Olivia Munn quickly shut down the rumor that she was engaged to boyfriend Aaron Rodgers by sharing the text she sent to her mother on Instagram this week, Stephen Colbert still had to check. When she appeared on The Late Show on Thursday, he asked her if she was, in fact, engaged.

"No we are not engaged at all," replied Munn.

"The follow up question is, what is he waiting for? He must be pretty special if he thinks he's going to do better than this [pointing to Munn]. OK, Aaron are you watching?" Colbert asked, turning to the camera. "And I know you are. Step up to the plate. I know that's not your sport, but you understand the metaphor."

Unlike Colbert, Munn's mom wasn't too upset though when she told her the truth. The Ride Along 2 star responded in a text, which Munn read out loud, imitating her Asian mother to the audience, "Ok sound good. I see you going to be on the kelly and michael show. Tell her i love her. She's so delicate. Work out a lot I think. And Colberto [referring to Colbert] too! Oh man you see everyone I love!"

Colbert then asked if he could text Munn's mom back. "'Kim Colberto here. So happy for the engagement!' And send!" Munn then shared that text on Instagram with the caption, "Stephen Colbert, I mean Stephen Colberto, texted my mom during the taping of tonight's Late Show and now she's all confused again. Smh." Colbert is quite the love life meddler!

Watch Munn talk about her mom more in the video above.