With so many women having girl crushes on Sophia Bush, it's hard to imagine that she would fangirl over anyone, but it seems she's admired Connie Britton from afar! 

Bush told Seth Meyers on his talk show on Tuesday night that she wanted to be friends with Britton and she "secreted that," referring to the book The Secret, whose premise lies in the power of positive thinking. At first she thought the book was "total bull," but now, she explained, "I'm friends with Connie Britton and maybe it's not."

"I just basically told everyone who would listen that she was fully my girl crush," Bush said. "Not only is she fabulous and fierce, and the best actress, and has the best hair, and she works with the U.N. I was like, 'This woman's nailing it,' but she just seems like the kind of person you could have a whiskey with, right?"

Although a friend suggested that they look for Britton while in Nashville, Tenn., the Chicago P.D. actress stepped back and said, "Let's just see if we run into her sometime." And sure enough, three years ago at the White House Correspondents' dinner, Bush and that same friend summoned up the courage to introduce themselves to Britton. 

Soon enough, they were talking about everything from their humanitarian efforts to women in entertainment. "We wound up sharing a couple of whiskeys; cut to this summer: I actually brought Connie to Uganda with me and we're sitting on the Nile drinking whiskey with her 4-year-old and I was like, 'I'm the creepy fan who became your friend and now you're my bestie. I did it! I win!'" 

And it's quite an achievement, Meyers noted. "Congratulations, not only on your humanitarian work, but something that is more important, which is your friendship with Connie Britton," he said. 

Click the video to hear more details on how she got Britton to be her friend.