By Anna Hecht
Sep 02, 2015 @ 12:00 pm

In a world where women and girls often feel pressure to be better, stronger, smarter, and more successful, it’s easy to become burdened by unreasonable and unrealistic expectations that say we should be more and do more. Sometimes, it can feel like we are never enough. 

Through our partnership with I Am That Girl, we want you to know that you are enough—more than enough. We want to change the way women and girls view themselves and help them find their “inner style” or, in other words, encourage them to think about what makes them unique, special, and important.

To that end, InStyle and I Am That Girl want you to tell us what you would want your mirror to say if it could talk to you. Watch the video above for inspiration, and post your mirror moment on social media using the hash tag #innerstyle. When you post, be sure to tag @instylemagazine and @iamthatgirl. We look forward to hearing your #innerstyle secrets!