By Isabel Jones
Updated Aug 31, 2017 @ 10:45 am

On this week’s episode of Dirty Laundry, InStyle Editor-in-Chief Laura Brown met with rising model Selah Marley to discuss all things fashion—from her eclectic style to the influence of her famous lineage. (Mom is singer Lauryn Hill while her paternal grandfather is the legendary Bob Marley.)

When it comes to the word “fashion,” Marley, 18, tells Brown that she focuses more on the idea of "style." “It’s really a creative expression of how you feel that day,” she says.

Naturally, with a trailblazing mother like Hill, Marley’s had no shortage of exposure to the sartorial realm. “When I was younger—my mom had clothes all over the place,” the model says. “I want to say I was about like 3 … She had some of her clothes in my closet, so I’d come in in her heels, strutting in her outfits … and it has carried on until today. I still wear her clothes.” Can’t say we blame her!

According to Marley, though, her fashion education developed over time. “I grew up in the mix of all this dope stuff, but I wasn’t really aware that Margiela is Margiela,” she explained. “I could appreciate it even more as I got older because as I started to be exposed outside of my house, and really saw the impact and what it meant to the culture, I was like, ‘Ohhh … Hey, Mom.’ Like you realize who your parents are.”

VIDEO: Selah Marley's Fashion Is as Rockstar as Her Famous Lineage

Watch the clip above for even more from Marley and Brown, and see the full video on the PEN Network.