By Marianne Mychaskiw
Dec 04, 2015 @ 3:15 pm

Fact: Working a statement eye for your holiday party is always a good idea, and the sexy winged-out look Karlie Kloss wore to the Met Gala this year still stands out in our minds as one effect we're dying to recreate. Almost as if the supermodel had read our minds, Kloss teamed up with her makeup artist Sir John (who also works with Beyoncé, NBD) to put together a tutorial on her YouTube channel, Klossy, which showcases a pretty genius hack for ensuring those feline flicks come out even.

After a base layer of taupe shadow, Sir John picks up a liner pencil, makes a very faint mark on the outer edge of Kloss's eye where he wants it to end, and follows by running the product along her upper lashes. "Honestly ladies, it's okay to do maybe five to seven lines," he explains. The pro then extends the line slightly, and uses his finger to smudge the color to meet the initial mark and form the perfect shape—no tape, credit cards, or any other straight edge involved. Click play on the video above to see Sir John's magic in action, and prepare to have your eyeliner game forever changed.