By Joshua Lyon
Sep 10, 2015 @ 10:30 am

Scarlett Johannson showed up for Day 2 of Stephen Colbert’s new gig at The Late Show on Wednesday, and the host took the opportunity to introduce a new segment called “Big Questions with Even Bigger Stars.”

The pair got comfortable on a plaid blanket under the night sky and pondered existence’s biggest mysteries, like whether there’s a difference between living and being alive. “I feel pretty alive right now,” Johansson quipped, before they moved on to the pressing issue of whether it’s better to have hands for feet, or feet for hands.

Johansson was team hands for feet, and Colbert agreed. “It would be really hard to tie the shoelaces that were on your hands,” he noted, while Johansson expressed concern over the problems that eating yogurt would present. Next, she wondered what Oprah was up to. “Probably talking to Gail in their secret language,” guessed Colbert. Click the video above to find out what they want to happen to their bodies when they die! (It’s funnier than it sounds.)