If you think things are slowing down on Scandal because it's about to enter its fifth season, you're quite wrong. The first trailer for the new season has been released—and things look, well, as scandalous as ever.

First of all, the passion is still very much there between Kerry Washington's Olivia Pope and Tony Goldwyn's President Fitz. The trailer opens with them rolling around in bed to the song "At Last." Could it be? Can they finally be together?

It looks as though it may be a possibility, for in the next scene Fitz hands papers to his wife, Mellie (played by Bellamy Young), and saying, "I want a divorce."

The screen then shows brief flashes of other charactersincluding newly promoted series regulars Portia de Rossi and Cornelius Smith Jr.looking shocked, confused, and upset, so we have high hopes that Season 5 will make good on the trailer's promise of delivering the "twisty, crazy goodness" we crave. After all, this is Scandal.

The drama returns to ABC on Sept. 24. Watch the trailer by clicking on the image above.