By Kim Peiffer
Aug 31, 2016 @ 11:15 am

Sarah Jessica Parker is certainly no stranger to wearing heels—she makes it seem as though she was born in a pair. And in her latest campaign for SJP collection, she proves that she can do just about anything in them.

In the video above, Parker wears one her favorite silhouettes in one of her favorite fabrications (the "Katrina" in Scintillate, to be exact), while showing that not only is she an award-winning actress, phenomenal shoe designer, and fashion icon, but she’s also quite coordinated.

"My partner George Malkemus III and I wanted to show off our fall '16 collection in some playful scenarios," she tells InStyle exclusively. "We thought that presenting the collection in perhaps less obvious situations or environments might give girls permission to make bolder shoe choices in general, even when it might not be for a special occasion." Bolder, indeed.

"For us, it was sort of a fun illustration of the most important elements of our collection, quality (all shoes are handcrafted in Italy), comfort and color in action," she says.

From the glimpse we’ve seen, it’s clear that this season is all about having fun—and choosing a heel that you can literally do just about anything in. As for SJP's jump-roping skills and , we're #impressed.

Watch her perform the impressive feats of jump-roping and dancing the Nae Nae in heels and shop the SJP fall collection (priced from $295 to $495) at bloomingdales now.