Credit: Roger Kisby

Salma Hayek knows a thing or two about beauty. It's obvious the 48-year-old is genetically blessed, but that doesn't mean she doesn't go the extra mile to preserve her youth. "I'm a product whore," says the actress, who launched her own cosmetics line, Nuance Salma Hayek, in August 2011. "I pile them on top of each other and make my own cocktails." InStyle sits with the radiant star to get a little more into her beauty routine.

It's been four years since we met and talked about the launch of your cosmetics line. Now that you've made additions to the collection, what's the one item you can't live without?
It's a tie between the AM/PM Super Cream and the AM/PM Super Serum Concentrate ($20 each; at I put the cream on before a 16-hour flight and my skin still feels good by the time I land. And I have a story for the serum: A few months ago I noticed the beginnings of a turkey neck. I said to my makeup artist, "Are you seeing what I'm seeing?" She said, "I hate to admit it, but I do." So I started using the serum all over my neck. Two weeks later the turkey was gone!

Completely gone?
Well, a little piece of the turkey is still there, but I keep it under control with the serum.

How old were you when you began wearing makeup?
Around 16, but I started cheating when I was younger. I would put on the tiniest amount so my mom wouldn't notice. I'd swipe on some lipstick, then blot it down to make it look like a stain. I didn't want to get spanked, so I had to be careful.

Credit: Roger Kisby

Is your daughter (Valentina, 7) into makeup?
Oh my god, yes! She's a girlie girl. She loves makeup. And you know what? She's good at putting it on. It's shocking, actually. One time she did my assistant's makeup. My assistant went out afterward and people said to her, "Wow, you look great."

I interviewed Penélope Cruz last year, and she told me she waxed your legs once.
Yep! We were on vacation in our bathing suits, and I desperately needed a wax. She volunteered to do it; I was terrified at first, but she did a good job. She's done my hair too. Her mom used to own a salon, so she knows how to do everything. She's also pretty good with makeup, but I think I'm better. I win in the makeup category.

How has your beauty routine changed now that you're in your 40s?
I dye my hair now.

To cover grays?
I actually started dyeing it lighter for a movie and sort of continued. But yes, I'm beginning to see gray hair, so the dye helps.

How do you manage to stay so fit living in Europe around all that delicious food?
You know, it must be something about the way the food is processed. I can eat double the amount in Europe that I'd eat in the U.S. without gaining a pound. Here, I eat half the amount and the weight starts piling on—immediately! I exercise when I have time, but I worked with this woman who taught me how to hold my body during day-to-day activities to help work my muscles. So even when I'm putting on eye cream, I'm working my muscles.

Credit: Roger Kisby