What's in a name? Well, for new dad Ryan Reynolds that's a secret. The Voices star visited The Late Show on Wednesday and chatted with host David Letterman about the mystery surrounding the name of his 6-week-old daughter. "I never know how to play that because I'm in the public eye and I don't know whether to just thrust this child into the public eye," the actor explained.

Reynolds noted that reports claimed that he and wife Blake Lively had named their first child Violet, which as he put it, "is a very pretty name, but that's Ben Affleck’s daughter's name." The actor then joked, "We'd never steal another celebrity's baby's name, so we went with Shiloh."

Still, Letterman pressed Reynolds for what the name could possibly be, and while the proud papa didn't reveal it, he did give some clues. (It's a family name!)

Watch Ryan Reynolds talk to David Letterman about his daughter's name by clicking on the video above.