By Joshua Lyon
Apr 21, 2015 @ 8:16 am

Consider yourself warned: If you ever find yourself playing Pictionary with LL Cool J, do not pick him for your team. The NCIS: Los Angeles star joined up with Rose Byrne for a round of the game against Big Sean and Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show, and the results weren’t pretty. To be fair, he did warn everyone from the start: “I can’t draw at all, I just gotta get that out there.”

Things began smoothly enough, with the Adult Beginners actress expertly depicting a teaspoon, and Sean and Fallon had an almost psychic connection when it came to drawing and guessing clues like “when pigs fly” and “tree house” for each other.

But when LL Cool J had to draw “tattoo,” things got a little weird. His lumpy illustration left Byrne speechless, while Fallon wondered aloud if the image was “a guy trying to bite a snowball that was coming downhill.”

Fallon took the win for his team by correctly guessing “arm wrestling” during the last round, but fully admitted that he got the answer from watching Byrne’s skillful drawing rather than his partner’s. Watch the full video above to see if you could have figured out what LL Cool J was trying to draw.