So many feelings! Last night on The Tonight Show Jimmy Fallon challenged Robert Downey Jr. to an Emotional Interview, during which the two had to carry on a conversation through the lenses of themes like “total lack of confidence” and “overly calm.”

First up was “annoyingly philosophical,” and Fallon asked The Avengers: Age of Ultron star when he first knew he wanted to become an actor. “Well, knowing is something that is very particular to the soul … to know is to understand the question is already answered in its asking,” Downey Jr. sagely replied.

“When you’re asking, aren’t you answering at the same time?” Fallon replied. His guest almost lost it when the host then referenced the made-up-on-the-fly philosopher Gorden Vervunkt, who said, “Life is like a clam—when it opens, you gotta grab the gooey stuff.” Click the video above to watch the rest of their clever and silly improv session.