When it comes to getting stars to divulge their naughtiest secrets, no one gets the job done quite like Ellen DeGeneres. Some of our favorite stars have found themselves at the mercy of The Ellen Show host's "Never Have I Ever" segment, with George Clooney and Rihanna being her most recent victims. 

The duo recently stopped by The Ellen Show, where they played a hilarious round of the much-loved game, leaving us knowing more about RiRi and Clooney than we ever thought possible. 

DeGeneres started the game off with a bang, posing the question: "Never have I ever texted a nude selfie." And while the ANTI singer may have been the only contestant to hold up the "I Have" side of her paddle, she doubted that DeGeneres and Clooney were telling the truth about never having sent a nude. Watch the full game above to see what other revealing questions the host asked. 

In addition to the rowdy game, Clooney also took a moment to talk about something a bit more sentimental—his proposal to wife Amal Clooney. As it turns out, the way the actor popped the question was unexpected, romantic, and long. "It was like 25 minutes," he tels DeGeneres. Watch the interview above to get all the details on how he asked Amal to marry him.