Reindeer Boobs
Credit: Getty Images

In terms we never thought we’d use (EVER), the Internet has created a new and incredibly confusing trend just in time for the holidays: Reindeer boobs.

What could such a term connote, you ask? Well, it’s "free the nipple" meets the DIY movement—you cut a boob-sized hole in your top/Christmas sweater/etc., pull a boob out, and decorate it like a reindeer.

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Remember that scene in Mean Girls where Janice cuts holes in Regina George’s tank top and she decides to wear it anyway, inspiring the entire student body to follow suit? It’s like that, but it’s REAL.

Seriously, see for yourself:

Regardless of how you feel about the trend, it’s undeniably festive. If you’ve been looking to bring a little raciness to your Ugly Christmas Sweater party, look no further!

Who says your boobs can’t enjoy the holiday season just as much as the rest of you? Instead of burning your bra in the name of revolution, we suggest burning a hole in your least favorite sweater.

Happy holidays!