By Joshua Lyon
Sep 11, 2015 @ 8:15 am

The audience at Jimmy Kimmel Live! really went for it on Thursday when Johnny Depp stopped by to promote his new film Black Mass. The screams and cheers were so effusive that they promoted the host to observe that while there are a lot of handsome guys in Hollywood, Depp has something different. “You struck a nerve somewhere like in the '90s that is never gonna go away, and this audience is so horny for you right now,” he said.

“That would be quite an undertaking,” the actor deadpanned.

Kimmel went on to inquire about a thought that had been bugging him: “I never heard of anyone else with the last name Depp. Besides your family members, do you run into Depps?” he asked. “What’s the origin of that name in the first place?”

Depp didn’t know for sure, but offered up this theory. “I think it probably derives from northern France, Dieppe,” he said, referring to the picturesque coastal town.

That’s when things got weird again. “Your wife, Amber Heard, did not take your last name,” Kimmel said. “Because then it would be Amber Depp-Heard, and it sounds too much like shepherd!” Click the video above to check out the look of sheer astonishment on Depp’s face at that realization.