By Isabel Jones
Updated Sep 20, 2017 @ 5:00 pm

New York City saw a gathering of global leaders Tuesday night at the Atlantic Council Global Citizen Awards, where Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau received an award for his dealings with refugees in his home country. And who should be there to present the head of state with the award? None other than Queen Rania of Jordan.

The international style icon and beloved royal approached the stage in an ankle-length black gown with a green and gold brocade turtleneck and a forest green stripe running from shoulder to hem down the dress’s left side.

Rania, who won the award herself in 2013, complemented the gold accents on her gown’s neck with a pair of matching drop earrings. She wore her brown mane in an elegant half-ponytail and lent the look some lift with a set of black pumps.


J.T. and her majesty make quite a handsome pair, no? Watch the royal's introduction for Trudeau and the Canadian prime minister's speech in the above video (from around the 05:40 mark).